wheelchair Tennis

Wheelchair Tennis

What better way to view Tennis as the Sport of a Lifetime than through Wheelchair Tennis. With minor adaptations this great sport provides the disabled population a range of programs, social matches and tournaments . A healthy solution to resuming a normal lifestyle after suffering a severe injury.

According to the Wheelchair Tennis rules and regulations, a participant must demonstrate a mobility-related disability. To compete in wheelchair tennis and Paralympics, players must have a medically diagnosed permanent loss of function in the lower extremities. Like paralysis, amputations, limb shortening, joint replacements.

If you are seeking a more competitive environment, the International Tennis Federation offers a professional circuit of over 170 tournaments worldwide. Categories include Juniors Singles and Doubles, Adult Men’s and Women’s Singles and Doubles, Seniors Singles and Doubles and Quad Singles and Doubles. Tennis Canada and Tennis BC fully supports Wheelchair tennis through education, programs and tournaments across Canada . As tennis promotes strength, cardio, social interaction, fun and most importantly a connection with friends and family, the players will experience physical and emotional gains and benefits through a sense of accomplishment and sheer determination and fortitude.

Wheelchair Tennis Rules and regulations allow for two bounces and the wheelchair is considered as part of the body. The court size is the same and all rules of tennis apply otherwise. Balls must be returned prior to touching the ground a third time. The second bounce can either be in or out of court boundaries for singles and doubles. Players will lose a point if the ball hits the ground 3 times, or if a player uses any part of his feet or lower extremities as stabilizers while serving, stroking the ball or while turning and stopping.

Locally, the BC Wheelchair Sports Association is a non profit organization that promotes wheelchair tennis options for athletes with a physical disability through certified coaches.

Several tennis facilities fully endorse and provide a wide selection of programs from beginners to experienced players, such as: Subscribing to a sport such as tennis provides a healthy therapy option after a disabling accident.

  • The Vancouver Recreation Centre, formerly known as Grant Connell, North Vancouver, BC
  • The YY Tennis Club, Richmond, BC.
  • The Great West Fitness and Tennis Courts, Abbotsford, BC.
  • The Cedar Hill Tennis, Victoria, BC.
  • The Wheelchair Tennis, Kelowna, BC.

Sport Specific Chairs are available through most of the clubs or through the loan program offered by the BC Wheelchair Sports Association.

Tennis Canada newly introduced a Wheelchair Instructor Course which was recently offered at the Grant Connell Tennis Centre.

The Open NTRP Tournament in Coquitlam dated April 30th to May 10 has an inaugural launch of several events for Wheelchair Athletes such as the Men’s and Women’s Singles, Men and Women Doubles and Quad singles and doubles.

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