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How to Choose Your Doubles Partner

Wisdom imparted by the Greek Philosopher Aristotle “The Whole is Greater Than the Sum of it’s Parts” applies to a great doubles team . Two players who share a strong connection, synergy and willful presence on court will present a threat to the opposing team. From building a point, setting up and activating your net player, creating an offence approach or retreating to defend and reset the point as a unit the string or wall approach at the net or from the baseline has the ability to maintain the pressure and make your opponent feel your authority.


Simply said, the best players don’t always make the ideal doubles partner. When recruiting , select complimentary styles of play. An ideal double’s team The team’s optimal performance is accomplished from players who compliment not compete against each other. Recognition and acknowledgement that no one skill is greater than the other will serve you well as a team. Careful considerations are worthy prior to committing to your double’s partnership. Take your time, observe and figure out if it’s the best fit for both of you. Choose a partner who shares the same goals. In order to improve as a team, each player much endeavour to work on their own weaknesses. If outcome, competition and ranking is not the priority then share the court with a like minded person and keep it at a fun social level and nothing further is expected out of the partnership.

How To Become A Great Doubles Partner

Communication is key and most critical in a strong double’s team. It requires a total collaboration and joint effort in implementing a strategy, discussing your intent and developing a game plan. Huddle at the centre court service line, with up to 20 seconds to spare you can easily get your message across . A team that can communicate can also pull out a win against better skilled players.


Be present and in the moment. Expunge all other noise, thoughts, distractions. Support each other and forgive quickly for any mistakes. Press that reset button and move forward by focusing on the next point. Find your pace and play at your pace. Don’t allow your opponent to dictate the play nor to distract you if they are weaker players. Adjust your court positions , adapt and anticipate by being a fully aware and moving with the ball. Recognize the strengths and weaknesses of each player brings to the table. Avoid blame and give credit even when your partner didn't do much to earn it. Step up when your partner is struggling. See this situation as a challenge and raise your game in the face of adverse conditions. Consistency over flashy. Try to construct a point and distance yourself from the big ego.


If you look nervous, you play nervous. So relax! Be resilient and resourceful look at every point as an opportunity not a defeat. The key is to remain calm under pressure. Avoid coaching your partner. It will surely deflate them and look like you are the superior player. Develop a keen sense of court awareness, try not to put your team out of position. If the ball is a stretch , leave it for your partner. If pulled out wide, don’t go for the big shot, just put it up. Don’t be afraid to Lob, as an undervalued shot it has the power to move the players around the court and if they are both at the net, it will surely make them scramble. Ball placement over power is the name of the game in doubles. Maintain your level of fitness and conditioning to survive the third sets or super tie breakers. Practice weekly, not through playing a social match but through drills and repetition Make your opponent uncomfortable, so stay way from their strengths. Keep an element of surprise and doubt, so I formations, aggressive poaching is a good tactic. Remember that the job of the non hitting player is to move with their partner. Don’t break the team up! Strive to love every minute of competition, regardless of the score or the result making your tennis experience much more enjoyable. A successful double’s team embraces the Win together and loose together philosophy.




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