Tennis FairPlay is a Global Interactive Tennis Network designed to link tennis athletes locally and internationally. With our continually updated profiling and rating system, Tennis FairPlay provides current and accurate assessments for all our members who are encouraged to share their comments. By connecting players and allowing them to interact, we believe this social network will provide increased fairplay from matching skills and intensity per level of play. We call this new and innovative system “Player’s Tennis DNA”.


Tennis FairPlay provides a rating system for players based on skill levels, tournament history and sportsmanship. Your Tennis DNA is captured by the essential and most critical elements of your tennis game such as;

  • Forehand
  • Backhand
  • Serve
  • Net Play
  • Return of Serve
  • Lob
  • Athleticism
  • Court Ethics
  • Match Play


Players must complete their profile by rating each of the above mentioned elements. The system has a combination of 64million unique images designed to create your personalized Player’s DNA. This description combined with comments provided by opponents allows Tennis FairPlay to provide the most accurate rating for each player. The individual strands, or DNA Breakdown is colour coded and can be modified as your tennis skills develop changing your DNA outcome and overall tennis rating.


Tennis FairPlay is based out of British Columbia, where we find the most active tennis community in Canada. Over 5million Canadians reported playing tennis at least once a year. Remarkably, 36% of Vancouver residents reported playing tennis of which 25% played regularly. As tennis is gaining momentum and showing remarkable growth for youth, adults, seniors and people with disabilities, Tennis FairPlay endeavours to promote it’s social interactive network in every sector of the tennis community. As a leading Community Partner, we hope to generate interest, enthusiasm and healthy lifestyle choices through the great sport of tennis, also known as the sport of a lifetime.



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