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Complete your player profile and instantly become a member of a Global Interactive Tennis Network. Tennis FairPlay offers a social interactive tennis connection for Recreational play, Tournament play and League play for juniors, adults, seniors and wheelchair tennis players.

Submit your Player Profile Assessment Today and Receive your TennisFairPlay Membership Card which provides our members with access to all the Tennis FairPlay opportunities described in the membership benefits, valued at $500.00 dollars or more. The cost to join Tennis FairPlay is $0.00 dollars. Yes, absolutely Free!

Your active player profile will allow you to share your tennis experiences and comment on tennis matches with other members of Tennis FairPlay and connect with other tennis enthusiasts from your own private clubs. You can increase your tennis network both on the local and international circuit. Our Website will allow you to seek and identify new potential playing partners. The membership directory will unite and link our members to create the only International, Interactive Tennis Commnity in the world.

How to Discover Your Tennis DNA?

Your Tennis profile also enables Tennis Fairplay to establish your Tennis DNA. Your Tennis DNA is the overall description of your genetic makeup used in the development and functioning of your overall tennis game. Tennis fairplay will provide you with a picture of your Tennis DNA which will be personalized and will change as your game develops. Your Tennis DNA is an ongoing interactive profile designed to give you and your opponents the most accurate measure of your tennis skills today.

How to Become a Member?

Step 1: Visit our Website:
Step 2: Click Become a Member
Step 3: Create an Account
Step 4: Complete your Player Profile
Step 5: Check your email to confirm and activate your account
Step 6: Click on your Member Login Name
Step 7: Click Profile
Step 8: Scroll down to Discover your Tennis DNA

Membership Benefits:

In building our tennis community Tennis FairPlay will provide goods & services at discounted prices to the members.

Important Note: Tennis FairPlay’s First Inaugural Draw Date is scheduled for Friday August 31, 2014 at 3 pm. Open to all Tennis FairPlay Registered Members

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- Free Membership
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- Find a Match & Find Your Match
- View Tennis FairPlay Profiles
- Access Membership Directory
- Interactive Website through Player Participation and Comments
- Video and Pictures Upload options
- Monthly Draws & Prizes
- Join Groups
- Review upcoming Events

To be announced:

- Finalized List of Approved Retailer Discounts and Locations
- Tournament Discount Coupons for Restaurants and Local Pubs
- Tennis FairPlay Partners & Sponsors
- Tennis Lessons Discount Packages
- Tennis FairPlay Free Mobile App


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