Kids and Teens Tennis

Physical & Mental Benefits of Tennis for Youth:

Tennis offers physical & mental advantages that will benefit youths and teens throughout the course of their whole life.

Tennis develops hand-eye coordination, gross motor control and fine motor skills.

The game play rituals like in preparation of a serve or return of serve can be transferred to actions and planning for exams or developing effective studying habits.

As amateur tennis is a self-regulated game, kids must exercise good decision making, court ethics, good sportsmanship, making line calls, winning graciously or loosing with honour.

Kids and Teens learn the value of Teamwork and Communication as an essential quality to succeed in doubles. They also improve their social skills through on and off court interaction with other players.

The game of tennis is both fun and rewarding, making short term goals attainable through drills, lessons, social matches and tournaments.

It teaches youth to finish what they start with the rewards and euphoric sensations of wins, shot making or the ability to raise their game when challenged.

More kids today are getting involved in competitive and recreational tennis. The use of modified tennis balls, racquets, nets and courts develop quicker skills and eases the transition to full court equipment.

Tennis FairPlay Offers a Sponsor a Junior Program to Award an Annual Grant to a Junior Player Chosen by Tennis FairPlay Members!

Kids & Teens Tennis

Tennis BC is a leader and strong advocate for Youth Tennis. Please visit for more information. Under the governance of Tennis Canada, certification and courses are offered to ensure the quality of instruction and to maintain an education standard of excellence. Please visit for more information. The North Vancouver Tennis Centre is designated as an official Tennis Development Centre where all programs are based on the Tennis Long-Term Athlete Development Path designed by Wayne Elderton, Tennis Director and Level 4 Coach.

The International Tennis Federation (ITF), organizes tournaments for Juniors ranging 12-18.

From the School Systems, programs and funding from the municipal, provincial and federal government bodies, the local Recreational Centres, the Private Tennis Facilities & Clubs, Associations & Foundations for kids Tennis is a growing sport promoted and encouraged as a healthy lifestyle choice.


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